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I'm a software developer, mostly working with data and sound for clients and partners at my micro-consultancy, Tungite Labs. I'm the creator and maintainer of the birdnetlib open source project, which enables researchers to analyze large bioacoustics data sets in Python using Cornell's BirdNET analyzers.

Birds and Birding

I consider myself a fairly serious birder. I'm currently at 501 species worldwide as of early-2024. Recent highlights are the Mexican Chickadee in Arizona, Kittlitz's Murrelet in Alaska, and Northern Gannets off the coast of Wales. Local highlights include a Common Gallinule, which was the first reported eBird sighting of this species in my home county.

Sound and sound art

I've been field recording since 1998, though my early archive remains on source media. I've transferred all the DAT tapes, but I need to track down an adequate MiniDisc player.

From time to time, I'll post some of my field recording work and sound art. I'm also interested in Max and modular synthesis.


  • CTO of a media tech start-up (we won a Webby!)
  • Solo developer of an industry-standard multimedia authoring application
  • Python and JavaScript developer
  • Multimedia journalist at an online newspaper (won an SND gold medal!)
  • Flash developer
  • Director of Photography at a print newspaper
  • A producer for
  • Sole online journalist for a print newspaper's website (won an ONA award!)
  • Staff photojournalist at a print newspaper in wet, and digital darkrooms
  • Rockabilly drummer
  • Shoegaze guitarist